Alex Pole handmade cutlery - Alex Pole, Kinn Collective and Simon Rogan
When chef Simon Rogan wanted to commission new cutlery for his three star restaurant L’Enclume, he sought the help of Kinn Collective and this is the result.

TV Sommelier - Jan Konetski
The story of a sommelier - from baking to bacchus.  Produced and directed by Cristian, camera and sound by Josh and Tom at Southworks Creative. 

Sylvain Goujon at La Dame de Pic London - Four Seasons 10 Trinity Square
A heavenly chocolate dessert with cherry, black caraway, pine buds, alpaco chocolate & absinthe pepper. 

20 years of L’Enclume - Simon Rogan
A film commissioned by Simon Rogan to celebrate 20 years of L’Enclume.

Heston - Everdure Barbecues
Short teaser for Everdure barbecues with Heston Blumenthal. 

Wildlife Park - Personal
An atmospheric film from a nature reserve, shot to test vintage Soviet lenses.


Sweets Made Simple - BBC2
Recipe intro shorts commissioned for the TV series Sweets Made Simple.

Christmas Animation 2022 - Personal
When an evil cheese eating robot leader steals cheese from the peaceful cheese eating robots, the outcome is not what he expected.

Christmas Animation 2020 - Personal
In Covid year, a not so jolly Christmas film.

Yova - Yova Music
Music video made for the band Yova using over 800 5”x4” prints shot with a homemade camera.

Easter Amenities - Four Seasons Trinity Square
A greedy rabbit bites off more then he can chew in this short animation to promote the Four Seasons Easter bunny amenity. 

How do you make your coffee? - Cocobolo Coffee Roasters
Animated film for artisan roaster Cocobolo Coffee.

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