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Lyn and Peter Vokes
Photographed 3rd May 2020 - 42 days into lockdown 

Being retired the impact of Covid 19 has not really altered our day to day life.

We count ourselves fortunate to live in a village that offered support as soon as we were all aware of the restrictions coming into our lives.

How lucky we are to have a garden and freedom to walk in the countryside, the constant sun since the lockdown has helped lift our spirits. My heart goes our to the families with children living in tower blocks.

Baking has become a big part of our daily routine, so no doubt Peter and l will be dieting over the summer time.

We miss our families, especially the grandchildren but with modern technology we do Zoom one another each weekend.

We hope we have all learnt something from this time. Having experienced life with less pollution we can carry this on.

Our biggest thanks go the NHS also our postman, milkman and dustbin men for continuing to work.

Written 10th May 2020

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