Ken and Anna van Terheyden
Photographed 27th May 2020 - 66 days into lockdown 

Like so many of our neighbours we have adjusted to our new life and found pleasure in such an amazing village. 

In some way's life hasn’t changed that much.

I am still walking our dog Sadie every day, a real opportunity to catch up at distance with friends in the village which has never been pre-arranged.  

Our weekly clap the NHS has been so therapeutic as well as feeling part of the wider community. Seeing all our neighbours up and down the road is great. 

So much has changed in the towns and cities yet here in Heydon it’s as it always has been, a small but caring village. 

We have been blessed with amazing weather and the garden to enjoy it in

Ken has managed to do many jobs after years of putting them off - yet another plus point.

Finally, however this turns out I think we have all benefitted from the simpler way of life and neighbourly interactions. 

Written 28th May 2020

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