Tom, Tobias and Becky Duncan with Django
Photographed 25th April 2020 - 34 days into lockdown 

The 18th March was when it first really effected us, Bex’s whole yoga schedule was cancelled and on the 19th Tom’s office in London had closed and by the end of the following week the schools closed. And just like that the world changed.

Professionally both our businesses are now hugely reliant on technology - but personally it’s made us aware of how little we need but how much we value each other and how happiness is generated by each other - by sharing time together

What’s stood out for us is how village life has remained relatively similar and it’s made us realise how lucky we are to life here

Great things have been every meal has been eaten as a family - we all shared far more of the tasks and roles around the house which has been great and it’s been amazing to feel truly united. We have all felt a huge sense of evaluation of our lives and ways of living which has been great.

Watching a 5 year old miss his friends and routine and worrying of family that live remotely around the world.

A 3 hour commute is not a great way to live, top trumps are better than tv and it’s nice to have acquaintances within the village that we never knew of before.

It’s been nice to see what’s actually important when things are tough.

Written April 26th 2020

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