Paul, Isaac, Amelia and Alex Searle
Photographed 21st May 2020 - 60 days into lockdown 

When and how did Covid enter your day to day world?

We first really heard about it a couple of weeks before the schools closed back in March. It was all the talk between the mums and dads at the school. It didn’t really sink in until the last day of school when it was all very strange because we were unsure whether we were to hug and say goodbye or just wave from afar. Paul was working from home anyway and so was I until everything just stopped!

What is the biggest way the lockdown has changed your day to day life?

It has made pace of life a lot slower. It has made us re-evaluate what is important and negotiate what is a reasonable way to live in these times. Also my recruitment business has gone very quiet.

What moment in Covid ‘life’ stands out for you / do you think you will always remember?

The startling amount of deaths, our amazing NHS and the fact this is happening everywhere!! Homeschooling the children has certainly been a challenge lol. 

What have been the good things about this period?

Spending this precious time with one another and our 5 year old twins Isaac & Amelia on a whole as a unit.

What have been the most painful aspects of this period?

Not being able to hug my mum and sisters. The children miss ing their friends at school and the feeling of worry and anxiety for other members of the family/friends.

What will you take from this time going forward?

To appreciate what we have each day and not take things for granted. We live in an amazing village and have met some really lovely people.

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