Gayle, Scarlett, Amelie and Carl Pledger
Photographed 13th May 2020 - 52 days into lockdown 

When and how did Covid enter your day to day world?

It all seemed to happen quite quickly - on Friday 14th March we enjoyed an evening with friends at the Red Cow, Chishill – little did we know that that would be the last get-together for a very long time and on Monday 16th March the reality of Covid-19 struck home and our lockdown began.

What is the biggest way the lockdown has changed your day to day life?

Lockdown has transformed our day to day life completely particularly as we are ‘shielding’ so none of us are leaving the house (except for limited exercise within the local area). There has been a much greater need for planning, especially around food shopping, and a forced reliance on others but thankfully we have had so many kind offers of help and support throughout this time.

What have been the good things about this period?

More quality time together as a family and a slower pace of life. Our home has also had a mini-makeover due to all the spare time we’ve had to do all those DIY jobs that have been permanently on hold!

What have been the most painful aspects of this period?

Not being able to see and support family and friends that are going through difficult times. Seeing the suffering of those seriously affected by the virus and hearing the number of fatalities increasing around the world.

What will you take from this time going forward?

To hold on the positives, to take more time out when things return to the ‘new normal’ and to appreciate how lucky we all are to live in such a beautiful and caring community.

Written 10th June 2020

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