Patty Glanville
Photographed 25th May 2020 - 64 days into lockdown 

I have lovely neighbours and friends in the village and have a pretty house and garden - and so the lockdown has not been difficult for me at all, as it has been for millions of others, I am happy with my own company and live with my adored grey and white rescue cat Poppy for company and my garden to sit in and read and to potter around in. I do miss my family but with modern tech am totally in touch with them and lots of friends. I have managed to read all of Hilary Mantel's recent book - all 900 pages! A great read!

The most magical result of the lockdown for me has been the complete peace and quiet in the village-  the amazing wildlife - birds singing
Lots of new butterflies and insects - the weather has been incredible - day after day of warm sunshine - flowers and totall beauty surrounding
us all - no cars or huge thundering lorries - empty sky - lovely walks. All this beauty is totally  overshadowed by the global threat of the Covid 19 virus.

My thoughts on the Corona virus here in the UK  are a mixture of great sadness and anger as so much death could have been avoided. I was aware of the virus back in January as I do read newspapers avidly and I am angry at this governments inertia and failure to act quickly and decisively and the constant lies and avoidance of responsibility and general incompetence continue to infuriate me.

None of us know how this tragedy will unfold - we can only hope to keep our families and friends safe and trust the UK will prevail throug this terrible time.

Written 4th June 2020

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