Patricia Gough
Photographed 19th April 2020 - 28 days into lockdown 

I think Covid first made an impact on me on Mothering Sunday when a family lunch party was cancelled .  Little did I realise then that we would still not be meeting again after all this time.

My life has not changed such a lot as I was still getting used to living on my own after Philip died in September.  The greatest change is that I cannot get out as I used to and shopping from home has been quite a challenge!  I do miss meeting up with friends and, of course, the handbell ringing sessions every  week.

My worst thoughts are shall I, at 91, ever see my family again?

The more cheerful thoughts are, having seen how kind, thoughtful and helpful all my neighbours are in a crisis, that when this is all over and we are back to "normal" we shall all have learned some lessons and the world will be a much better place.

Written 22nd April 2020

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