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#1 New Darkroom. 23rd February 2020.
It’s all change at Barnett HQ this year, I’m moving out of my studio which has been my ‘home’ for the last seven years and am now waiting to take on a new studio just down the road. The one downside of moving was no longer having a darkroom, an unthinkable proposition so I set to work building one at home. The new darkroom is actually the back wall of my home office so I wanted it to look pleasing as well as being practical and without costing too much. The only major expenses were the new worktop and paying the plumber to hook up the sink, pretty much everything came from my old darkroom or has been recycled. The cupboards originally came from a library in Barnet and were picked up on eBay for 99p. The sink was once used by a local newspaper in Worcestershire   ( I often think of all the cheque presentations that were printed within ), the top shelf was cut down from a table pulled out of skip from outside of Northumberland University. Most of the darkroom equipment was either found at my local tip ( yes, seriously ) or bought on eBay. Now I just need to get out and take some photographs!

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