Mel Chandler with Jasper
Photographed 7th April 2020 - 16 days into lockdown  

We are in lockdown! The government has told us to continue staying at home for another three weeks at least. The Archbishop has told us to close our churches and services are being broadcast on the radio and held virtually over the internet. People are coming together by internet and telephone or meeting on walks but keeping their distance of two metres as a precaution against catching the Coronavirus. Those at risk have been asked to self isolate.

It is difficult to believe what is happening outside of our village boundary. The virus has not hit Heydon at the time of writing. The weather has been beautiful and nature continues on regardless. Maybe the Corona disaster will bring our village together even more as we help each other with our shopping, newspaper rounds, prescription collection and so on in support of our neighbours. Hopefully this will continue post Covid-19 as further way of being together in our village. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Written 21st April 2020

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