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#5 Vietnamese coffee film 24thJuly 2020

Cocobolo coffee in Cambridge asked me create some new online assests. I was really intrigued that they have a Vietnamese coffee kit and thought an explainer film might be a nice way to explore this delicious coffee which is also great fun to make. 

The steel ‘Phin’ would have been challenge enough to light in a stills shoot but as it’s rotating in the film there was nowhere to hide. Dulling spray helped enormously as well as a huge white screen with a small hole for the camera reduced the number of reflections. The Phin still had some blemishes which had to be retouched in Photoshop - a labour intensive process if ever there was one! 

#5 Outdoor film processing 20th July 2020

In my mid-teens I discovered photographic processing. This led me towards photography, after all, if you like printing in the darkroom you are going to need some photographs to work with. In the last five years I have been lucky to have a darkroom at my studio and now at home. I love messing about and experimenting and this movie is actually the result of quite a bit of that trial and error. 

#4 Lockdown project 27th June 2020

Pat, 19th of April 2020

On the 23rd of March, the first day of lockdown, I knew around half a dozen people in my village. It quickly became obvious that the pandemic would be an event of historic significance so I decided to try and document life under lockdown where I live. Between April the 4th and June the 14th I photographed over 100 people and also recorded their experiences. 
This project is very much my gift to the village and I will make a short run book which will hopefully survive for many years to come. One important unintended outcome has been a new found connection to my home - having made so many new friends has been wonderful. After 12 years I finally feel like I’m part of a community and very much hope that the shared experience of lockdown will make us closer as a village.


#3 Stop motion studio 5th June 2020

During lockdown I was busy taking portraits in my village to document this exraordinary period. The sale of my studio fell through because of the virus so I have now moved back in and wanted to create a short stop-motion film for social media. I have always loved the magic of stop-motion - with little more than patience and good planning it’s relatively simple to make something engaging. 

#2 First outing with the Fuji GFX 50R. 3rd March 2020.

After an evening trying to come to terms with the brick-thick manual, today was the first time I took the 50R out for a spin.  Although I’m still getting to grips with the settings, the 50R definitely handles like a medium format camera and reminds me very much of the Mamiya 6 film camera I used to own. It’s not the most attractive camera in the world, the Hasselblad X-1D certainly has the edge there but it feels solid enough. I really like the number of user function buttons and overall it’s pretty easy to operate. It’s easy to see why this camera has become a firm favourite with landscape photographers, on the tripod it’s lovely and solid and the LCD is large and easy to operate. At the moment I only have a 50mm lens which is very compact. The first tests look promising but I won’t be using it on a shoot until I’m fully comfortable with the camera and how it performs in all conditions. So far so good. 

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