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Dawn, Erin and Makenna Jaffray
Photographed 29th April 2020 - 38 days into lockdown 

2020 started for us in a unique way. The three of us spent Christmas holiday abroad for the first time ever. On New Year’s  day we made plans, set goals and resolutions in order to make the most out forth coming year, because as we say you never know what’s round the corner !

We could never have imagined that three months later all this would be on hold, as we went in to lock down to continue our lives albeit in an extraordinary way. Covid-19 started to slowly impact on our lives. I returned, from a trip to see my son Morgan in the US, probably the last in a very long while. The phone rings constantly as all the celebrations, weddings and parties I cater for are cancelled one by one.  

Makenna is no longer working as a Nanny and Erin is home from Liverpool University, now studying hard for Dental exams in the dining room.Nevertheless we never take for granted how fortunate we are to be here in Heydon. To be able to enjoy the countryside on our daily dog walk watching nature spring into life and chatting to neighbours new and old. Our social life is now on Zoom, shopping once a week and only catering for three  is the norm.  We are making the most spending time together in this strange world we now live in. 

Written  7th May 2020

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