Sandy Hallam and Laurence Jacobs
Photographed 2nd May 2020 - 41 days into lockdown 

When and how did Covid enter your day to day world?

In late mid-February as the virus was sweeping through Europe it became clear that the UK would not only be unscathed, but would be hit in a very significant way by this pandemic. Prior to that I was an incorrigible optimist.

What is the biggest way the lockdown has changed your day to day life?

We are fortunate to have a large enough garden to keep us fully occupied and the weather since lockdown has mostly been very kind to us all, so we can walk or cycle. Not being able to travel or see friends is a tad discombobulating, but in reality we are so fortunate to live in a lovely quiet and mostly tranquil village, which is alleviates much of the concerns in the ‘real world’.

What moment in Covid ‘life’ stands out for you / do you think you will always remember?

Seeing the video of the Paramedic who had finished her 13-hour shift and went to the supermarket to find the shelves bare, was confirmation that the whole country had moved into full on panic mode, which is clearly exactly what many folks felt then and many still feel.

What have been the good things about this period?

There is a certain degree of peacefulness and calm with almost deserted roads, skies empty of aircraft and very little construction work. For the most part people are being kind and supportive.

What have been the most painful aspects of this period?

I am genuinely concerned that there will be several million people in the UK, who through no fault of their own will lose their jobs, even if only temporarily and for some their lives will be scarred as a result of this pandemic. Not to mention the horrific number or people who have and are continuing to die.

What will you take from this time going forward?

It is impossible to plan for a pandemic and it is naïve to think we can ever properly prepare for one. If we can avoid a blame culture as we come through this, we will be in a happier and healthier position, although I suspect politicians and some of the public will find this concept beyond them.

Written 2nd May 2020

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