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#2 First outing with the Fuji GFX 50R. 3rd March 2020.

After an evening trying to come to terms with the brick-thick manual, today was the first time I took the 50R out for a spin.  Although I’m still getting to grips with the settings, the 50R definitely handles like a medium format camera and reminds me very much of the Mamiya 6 film camera I used to own. It’s not the most attractive camera in the world, the Hasselblad X-1D certainly has the edge there but it feels solid enough. I really like the number of user function buttons and overall it’s pretty easy to operate. It’s easy to see why this camera has become a firm favourite with landscape photographers, on the tripod it’s lovely and solid and the LCD is large and easy to operate. At the moment I only have a 50mm lens which is very compact. The first tests look promising but I won’t be using it on a shoot until I’m fully comfortable with the camera and how it performs in all conditions. So far so good. 

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