Andrew and Jane Drury
Photographed 8th May 2020 ( VE day ) - 47 days into lockdown 

When and how did Covid enter your day to day world?

Hearing all bad news on TV & Radio. Mothersday sticks in mind. Gemma (Daughter) arrived at the house but stayed in the garden but not for long. Elliot (son) phoned to say he was not coming. 

What is the biggest way the lockdown has changed your day to day life? 

Lockdown has not changed our lives too much apart from losing our freedom to go and visit places and friends.

What moment in Covid ‘life’ stands out for you / do you think you will always remember?

Seeing the death rate rising daily and the NHS workers knowing that covid 19 was the whole world not just Heydon.

What have been the good things about this period?

Everyone working together to rid of this virus. Brought neighbours more together.

What have been the most painful aspects of this period?

Missing family and friends seeing death rate rise.

What will you take from this time going forward? 

Life can be so very short and this virus takes anyone Don”t take too much for granted .This virus is a big wake up call to the world and what can happen in a short space of time.

Written 11th May 2020

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