Chloe and Sarah Christiansen with Buttercup
Photographed 10th May 2020 - 49 days into lockdown 

We feel so lucky to be here during lockdown. We moved from Royston in January and every day feels like a holiday in such beautiful surroundings.

It has been tricky juggling home school and working in the evenings. I have also got a thesis to write, but that's not happening at the moment! It's likely I won't graduate this summer as planned.

We are both missing riding horses terribly. Most days, we visit the horses on Fowlmere Road. They are so sweet and cheeky. It has been a great opportunity to teach Chloe more about horses and build her confidence. They make us smile every day and I like to think we cheer them up too.

Here's to Flora, Priscilla and Buttercup for bringing a little bit of joy to Heydon in lockdown!

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