Rollo and Virginia Barnes
Photographed 5th May 2020 - 44 days into lockdown 

Compared to what so many are going through, our lockdown experiences are trifling.

We first realised that the lockdown was arriving, when we had to cancel our usual family gathering to celebrate the Bahá’í New Year, on 21st March; and then Rollo’s long researched plans for the Dr. Zhivago fundraiser for the church on the 28th March had to be shelved.
Regular meetings and evening classes which normally fill Virginia's life have been on hold, making for a tranquil existence and zero petrol bills.
In spite of physical distancing,  we have not felt alone. It has been heart-warming to get unexpected calls from more distant family members and friends.

Having never heard of Zoom before, we now use it regularly to keep in touch with  family and even for Zumba. Virginia has joined Bahá’í study groups, which have included people from  Chile, Brazil and Israel, making the world a very small place.

Every day we have marvelled at this stunning spring, sun and shadows, cowslips and bluebells, to say nothing of the bird song without traffic and planes. We feel lucky and privileged to be here in Heydon and able to enjoy its peaceful surrounding walks.

Who knows what the new normal will be, but let us hope that it will be reinforced by the current spirit of thoughtfulness, cooperation and an appreciation of all those who keep our society running.

Written 6th May 2020

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