Heather and Paul Nolan with Reggie
Photographed 12th June 2020 - 82 days into lockdown 

Heydon is a place of tranquillity which has been a blessing during this unprecedented time.  Life for us has changed and we’ve enjoyed being at home and watching the natural scenery change as we moved into spring and as we now approach the beginning of summer.

We are grateful to the village people who did a magnificent display on the village green to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. It brought so much joy to so many people who were out walking and cycling.  Houses were decorated and it certainly lifted our spirits.

Since lockdown our lives have changed for the better and that is due to:

  • Paul is now working from home and he doesn’t envisage working away so often
  • Eating more healthily
  • Having more time to relax/enjoy our garden
  • More time to take up old hobbies e.g. jigsaw puzzles, baking, gardening, reading, watching films, letter writing

The highlights have been:

  • Our youngest daughter Natalie is expecting twins
  • Heather receiving homemade birthday cards and a special one from her eldest daughter Michelle who is shielding
  • Watching the Canada Geese fly over and graze in the nearby field
  • Seeing the magnificent Spitfire fly over our house to say thank you to the NHS
  • Captain Sir Tom Moore celebrating his 100th birthday and his magnificent achievement in raising £32 million for the NHS

There are things we miss:

  • Not being able to see our family and friends who live too far away to visit in a day
  • Not being able to have a drink in our local pub and socialise with friends
  • Not being able to get married on the 28th March and hopefully we will ‘tie the knot’ on 3rd October 2020.

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