Peter & Mui Yong Hinstridge
Photographed 6th June 2020 - 76 days into lockdown 

When and how did Covid enter your day to day world?

We left for a holiday in Singapore in mid-January.  At that time Covid-19 was a developing news story centred around events in China and the Far East but seemingly a quite remote threat to the UK.  By the time we returned in mid-February Singapore had taken the first steps to contain the pandemic and news reports were chronicling its spread around the world.

What is the biggest way the lockdown has changed your day to day life?

Our usual routines have been replaced by a new one where each day looks very much like the last.

What moment in Covid ‘life’ stands out for you / do you think you will always remember?

Not being able to see our daughter since March; the loss of the cricket season.  

What have been the good things about this period?

The garden has received a lot more attention and we have a new vegetable patch!

What have been the most painful aspects of this period?

Being unable to see friends and family; being unable to go to a restaurant or pub or have weekends away. Having to queue to shop at the supermarket and having every other shop closed.

What will you take from this time going forward?

Make sure we have a good stock of toilet paper, pasta and flour……..

Is there anything else about lockdown you would like to add?

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have had competent leadership from the prime minster and government…

We arrived back from Singapore and sailed through Immigration and Customs with absolutely no sign of anyone: no questionnaires, no checks, no advice.  All in stark contrast with the situation in Singapore.

And finally, if you’re going to be forced to stay at home, what better place than Heydon!

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