Lorna, Miranda, Oliver and David Abbs
Photographed 3rd June 2020 - 73 days into lockdown 

We’re a family of four, Miranda, David, and our two children Lorna and Oliver aged ten and seven years old respectively. The four of us are on lockdown together — David has continued to work from home, and I’ve taken on the task of home-schooling the children.

Teaching wise, I’ve learned that I’ve not missed my vocation in life, as the children’s desperate pleas to return to school may testify. As time goes on, we’ve learned that some of the best lessons are the ones where we cast the books aside, go out into the sunshine and embrace this village and the countryside around us — I don’t think the dog has ever had as many walks.

We miss the freedoms of old: contact with our friends and family, going out for meals, trips to the cinema, days away, exercising together, all of which seem like luxuries that could be weeks or months away from happening again.

Unlike children, we adults have a fair grasp of what’s going on in the world, empathising with those on the front-line, putting themselves in harm’s way to do their jobs and to help people. But for the children, we wonder about the effect that lockdown will have on them, they miss their friends, and while internet calls and video chats help, they’re no substitute for the physical interactions that the outside world brings — you do feel for them.

We’ve had the opportunity to share so much time as a family: camping, water fights, nerf gun wars and games of hide-and-seek in the garden, baking sourdough, building Lego towns and battling other video game players online, perhaps experiencing their lockdowns somewhere else in the world. We hope that if and when the world returns to normal, that when the fear, worry, loss and stress of lockdown is a distant memory, that we will hold dear and cherish this unique moment in time for the positives it has brought us.

Between us, we have found a new togetherness, an improved appreciation of each other and all the things we maybe took for granted in the past. Oh, and the dog is a little less fat too.

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