Steve , Julia , Kieran and Niall Geraghty
Photographed 2nd June 2020 - 72 days into lockdown 

Lockdown has meant stepping off the treadmill for a while, having both boys at home has been lovely, not even opening the diary!

We have enjoyed the time at home but have been very mindful that lots of people are having a tough time.

Julia’s mum (84) broke her leg just before lockdown, firstly in Addenbrokes then moved to a care home for recovery it’s been difficult not being able to visit. We’ve witnessed how the NHS staff have adapted so quickly in order to cope with the challenges of Covid 19.

Niall had the rug pulled from under him with A level final exams being cancelled, a few uncertain weeks before it was decided predicted grades was the way to go,on the upside Niall feels he could have had a lucky escape not sitting the chemistry exam!

We have appreciated the wildlife and walking in the spring sun.

This is a time when people came together, stockpiled toilet roll and became part of history!

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